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6th August 2010

Guess what? Now you can advertise how sad you are with your own Pathetic Life merchandise! As if your friends didn't already know. Let perfect strangers know before they can get to know you as a person. We haven't actually ordered anything so let us know if the quality turns out to be really dreadful. We can't do anything about it, but it'd be handy to know.

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Also after a lot of hesitation, Pathetic Life is now on twitter. Yes, that's my excitement. I don't get it, I'm not sure I want to get it, but Squintus convinced me it was a good idea. I suspect it was something else possibly relating to this weeks PL but anyway! Squintus will have to sort out the links, buttons and faffing about in due time.

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9th July 2010

We've added a fantastic, overanalytical new (okay we added it a month ago) section:


Faux pas or fresh approach? Social pariah or ethical hero? Let Cerberus, Squintus, and Caecilius answer your questions about social dilemmas and modern etiquette.

If you have any questions, please email us at salvete[at]


10th July 2009

Facebook Fanbox added!

We've added a Facebook Fanbox to the index page so you can join the dozen fans (yes, 12) at the Facebook page. Keep up to date with the latest behind the scenes information. We can hear your anticipation.


14th June 2009

Favourite Links Updated!

Pathetic Life has added lots of strangely fantastic and intriguingly bizarre links. Be enlightened, disturbed and confused by the weird and wonderful.

We look forward to bringing more new content very soon!


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12th December 2008

Official Launch!

Pathetic Life officially launches today!

We hope you enjoy the first four comics. We Panerai Replica plan to post a new comic every week and will be adding new content regularly.




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