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Caecilius, Squintus and Cerberus share some of their favourite links.

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Splitting Images - Celebrity Lookalikes
Celebrity Lookalikes and Impersonators
Celebrity Impersonators

Caecilius: Compare and contrast impersonators of the same celebrity!
Squintus: A celebrity impersonators convention is a Jonathan Creek episode waiting to happen.
Cerberus: Or a Pathetic Life movie in the making.

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Cake Wrecks

Squintus: Deliciously tragic and yet oddly inspiring.
Caecilius: I don't know why, but these are thighslappingly funny!
Cerberus: You can have your cake, but you may not want to eat it.

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Totally Looks Like - Food

Squintus: Why is it cute when vegetables are shaped like animals, but creepy when animals are shaped like vegetables?
Cerberus: It's certainly food for thought.

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Museum of Food Anomalies

Squintus: I want a fruit basket that just has deformed fruit.
Cerberus: This fruit doesn't belong in a fruit basket! It belongs in a museum!

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Food That Looks Like What it Isn't

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Garfield Minus Garfield

Caecilius: You will never read Garfield the same way again.
Both profound and disturbing. Jon is just tragic...
Cerberus: It's like It's A Wonderful Life, only without the angel.

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Squintus: Is it art? Is it kitsch? Who comes up with ideas like this? Strangely compelling.
Cerberus: What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty!

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