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We are all baboons.

On the plains of Kenya, there are communities of baboons who lead fairly peaceful lives. Food is plentiful, predators are rare, and diseases are mostly restricted to baboon versions of things like stubbing your toe. These baboons have little to worry about, at least compared to the spider monkey being eaten by a parrot several plains away.

However, because they have nothing better to do, these baboons spend enormous amounts of time worrying about what the other baboons think of them. Do the other baboons like me? Do the other baboons think I'm weird? A high proportion of these baboons have stress induced gastric ulcers, high blood pressure, and self esteem issues.

Baboon Nation is a movement designed to resist baboonity in human communities. Are we baboons, or are we a similar but sufficiently removed ape relative? Defy baboonity!

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